Studies and Reports


Blackrock Tidy Towns have commissioned a number of significant studies of the village.  You can read or download each of them by clicking on the Report name.

The first study examined and documented the diverse and unique ecology of the village. The Ecology of Blackrock was published in 2007 and won a regional biodiversity award that year in the national Tidy Towns competition.









The next study looked at the architecture of Main Street, and made recommendations on how this character can be retained in the light of ongoing development. The Architecture of Main Street, Blackrock was published in 2008.








Our 2009 study looked at what would be required to restore the main beach in the village to the condition which prevailed up to the 1960s. “Study of Blackrock Beach” included recommendations for restoration of the beach.









In 2010 we commissioned two surveys of the Hamilton Marsh wetland off Rock Road – “Bird Survey of Hamilton Marsh” and “Bat Survey of Hamilton Marsh”.









Our 2019 report and study Ecology and Biodiversity Enhancement Plan for Blackrock, Co. Louth updated our 2006 report and identified a range of actions to enable us enhance the biodiversity of the area into the future.








Our current Blackrock Tidy Towns Three Year Plan 2020-2023 was commissioned in 2019 and produced by Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants Ltd with financial assistance from LEADER under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.








In 2020 we commissioned Dr. Jason Bolton to carry out a study of the church ruins in Haggardstown Old Graveyard and to make recommendations regarding their preservation.  Here is his report “Haggardstown Old Church Conservation and Management Report”.








In 2021 we commissioned a comprehensive tree survey of the entire Blackrock area. The survey report was produced in May 2022 by Tree to Tree and Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants and is available here: “Tree Survey of Blackrock Village, Co. Louth”

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