Defibrillator Information and Contact Details for Blackrock

We also now have 5 Defibrillators.Locations Centra,  Outside Community Centre,   on thewall facing Dundalk road at Halpennys Bus Depot, the road entrance doorway to  St Furseys school, and  the entrance door at Flanagans petrol station on Dublin Road.
These local individuals have all been trained in the use of the Defibrillators, which are located at the entrance to Centra and at the Road entrance to S. Fursey’s N.S.  The defibrillators are accessible only with a key and you must BREAK THE GLASS to get the key. These people have keys also.  In Blackrock further keys are located in Bradleys Pharmacy, McQuillans Pharmacy, The Garda Station and in The Neptune Bar. In Haggardstown they are located in St. Fursey’s N.S and in several houses opposite the school.

In case of an emergency Joan mcAdam, an Irish Heart Foundation Instructor, has the following advice to give, “First you must always make the emergency call to 999 or 112.  If there is a trained person there then the trained person starts the CPR and sends someone else to get the defibrillator.  If it is a case that there is no trained person at hand then you must make the call to the emergency services and then you can contact one of the trained people within the parish.  You can get this list from one of the designated businesses throughout the parish for if it is outside business hours you can ring the Garda Station in Dundalk who will be able to give you the information.  It is very important that if there is someone there who can give CPR that they do so immediately and wait for help to come. – Joan McAdams